Investing in solar panels can help you save on future electrical bills, but even with continuous price drops, going solar has a substantial up-front cost. Recently, the Canadian government has made it easier to apply for grants and financing, with even more funding available to make environmentally conscious property...

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6 Common Misconceptions About Solar Energy In Alberta.

We’re assuming that you’re reading this because you’re interested in makingthe switch to clean energy and savings, but still carry doubts and concernsabout the new technology. We’re here to discuss and debunk some of themost common myths about solar power, so as to better inform you aboutyour future purchase....

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Government incentives are back for businesses in Alberta!

Get 25%, up to $250,000 back when you let Solun install your solar PV system. The ERA (Emissions Reduction Alberta) announce last year that they will allocate $55 million for green energy projects. The money is founded by both the provincial and federal government. Solun is one of the...

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