Residential PV

Residential PV

Most locations throughout the country are now connected to the electrical grid. With a grid-tied system, you will get all the benefits from the sun while still be able to use your current grid as a backup.


Most homes throughout the country are now connected to the national electrical grid. Panels can be installed on various parts of buildings including roof, façades or can be ground mounted away from the building itself. PV solar panels use light energy from the sun to generate direct current (DC) electricity. This direct current is converted into alternating current (AC) electricity, which is then used to power everyday electrical equipment. One of the major benefits of a grid-tied system is that there is no need for battery storage and there is no electricity wastage. The generated electricity that is surplus to the building needs is then sold back to the grid via a bi-directional meter that is provided by your wire service provider.

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Education and assessment

During our free assessment, we explain how your house can benefit from a solar PV system. We investigate your roof space, your electrical distribution, and your energy needs in order to determine what type of system that would fit you the best.

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Applications and Approvals

Once we design the system, we will apply for all necessary permits from the municipalities and the wire service provider.

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Our crew will have the system installed safely and as fast as possible. We install the system keeping in mind your convenience. Typical residential systems are completed within 3 days.

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After completion of the install, an electrical inspection and a meter upgrade are requested from the authorities. We commission the system and provide training on how to use the real-time monitoring platform on your computer and smartphone.

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