Solar Thermal


At Solun, we believe in using the sun’s energy to its maximum potential. Solar thermal systems can convert up to 70% of the sun’s radiation into heat. Therefore, considering our climate, and from both an environmental and financial aspect, solar thermal energy is the way to go.

How it works

Solar thermal uses collectors that utilize black body radiation principles to produce heat from the sun. The heat is transferred to a glycol-water mixture that circulates through the building. A heat exchanger and a storage tank are used to heat your domestic water or your radiant heating system. Solar thermal collectors can be installed either on the roof or on the ground. Solar thermal is also great for heating outdoor and indoor swimming pools. The systems vary widely depending on the buildings and their particular needs.

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Different applications

Solar thermal can be used in both residential and commercial buildings and in urban and rural areas. Domestic hot water production is currently the most common application. Approximately 1.5 m2 of panel per person covers most household needs during the summer. However, solar thermal can also be used to heat your building through in-floor heating systems, baseboard radiation systems and any other hot water hydronic systems. Solar thermal systems can be installed as a complete new system or retrofit into existing systems as new heat source. It is great for any building or industry with a high hot water or heat load. See below for a few examples.

Swimming pools

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Car Wash

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