Solun can make you energy independent. Harness and store energy from the sun in remote locations where no grid is available or as backup power during grid outages. We believe that no one should have to pay transport costs for non-environmentally friendly energy sources such as gas, diesel, coal, etc when electricity is readily available wherever you are.

How it works

The PV solar panels use the light from the sun to generate DC electricity that is stored in an array of batteries. The batteries then discharge the power to an inverter which is used to convert the DC electricity to AC electricity for use by building systems and appliances.

In a pure off-grid system, there is no access to the electricity grid, and we will size the battery bank according to the electricity consumption and the days of autonomy. In certain situations, it is also recommended to have a small backup generator to charge the batteries during the least sunny days of the year.

Batteries can also be installed even though you are connected to the electricity grid. When the grid is up, the system works as any other grid-tied system where all surplus energy from the solar is sold back to the grid. However, during a power outage, critical loads will remain powered on and be fed through the batteries. (Furnaces, sewage and water pumps, etc.). During the power outage, the solar will also be able to supplement the loads.

Solun works with several different inverter companies and install botH lithium and lead acid batteries.

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Different types of applications

An off-grid, battery based system can be installed for a wide range of applications. Anywhere you have access to the sun is achievable. A grid-tied, battery backup system on the other hand can be installed in any property already connected to the grid.


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Recreational Vehicles

Road Signs


Education and assessment

During our free assessment, we explain how your house can benefit from a solar PV system. We investigate your roof space, your electrical distribution, and your energy needs in order to determine what type of system that would fit you the best.

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Applications and Approvals

Once we design the system, we will apply for all necessary permits from the municipalities and the wire service provider.

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Our crew will have the system installed safely and as fast as possible. We install the system keeping in mind your convenience. Typical residential systems are completed within 3 days.

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After completion of the install, an electrical inspection and a meter upgrade are requested from the authorities. We commission the system and provide training on how to use the real-time monitoring platform on your computer and smartphone.

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