Solar Rebate

solar incentives

Canada is pushing for more green energy, and to achieve this, both the federal and the provincial government as well as the private sector provide several incentives for the solar industry. When choosing Solun as your solar provider, you can be confident that we will assist you with all the necessary application processes.

Residential and Commercial Solar Program

To make solar energy more attractive in the province, the Alberta government have allocated $36M in rebates for solar PV installations on residential and commercial buildings. The government will pay up to 30% of the total installation cost for residential systems and up to 25% for commercial systems. For more info please see Energy Efficient Alberta  .

Micro Generation

Micro-generation is the small-scale production of electricity, using renewable or alternative energy sources, by homeowners and small businesses to meet their electricity needs. The Alberta micro-generation regulation, that came into effect 2008, allows those types of systems to not only produce electricity for their own use, but also to supply surplus energy back to the electricity grid and get credited for it. When becoming a micro generator, the wire service provider, such as Enmax and Fortis, will upgrade your electricity meter to bi-directional meter. Therefore, your new electricity bills will now not only highlight electricity bought from the grid, but also the green electricity that you sold back. The regulation requirements dictate that the rate that you sell the electricity for must match the rate at which you buy it for.

ACE (Alberta CO-Cooperative Energy)

ACE is a green electricity retailer in Alberta. As a micro generation producer with ACE as a retailer, you can choose to go on and off a higher rate plan ($0.15/kWh) whenever you want. This can be very beneficial if you have a lot of surplus energy during the summer months since you will now sell back the electricity to the grid at a higher rate then you will buy it back for during the winter. 

Alberta Municipal Solar Program (AMSP)

This program was put in place to provide financial incentives for municipalities in Alberta that installs solar PV. The program pays up to 25% of the installation cost. The eligible participant needs to be a municipality and the system must be connected to the electricity grid. click for more info.

Federal Government Capital Cost Allowance

The Government of Canada is trying to make it more feasible for companies and industries to invest in solar and other green energy sources. Therefore, they are providing business income tax incentives under class 43.1 and 43.2.